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Pasante Extra Condoms 144 Box
Pasante Extra condoms in the 144 box are straight-walled, lubricated, natural latex condoms with a teat end that at 100 microns are thicker than standard condoms, have a length of 180mm and a width of 52mm, and come with extra lubrication to provide a safer, sensual experience.
Price  £ 29.99
Pasante Large Condoms Clinic Pack x 144

Pasante Large condoms have been developed with larger men in mind, who may find conventional condoms a little too fitting.  Lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant, Pasante Large condoms are suitable for oral, anal or penetrative sex.

Kite & CE marked for quality and reassurance.

Price  £ 19.99
144 x 12 x Durex Play Feel Lubricant Sachets (5ml
Durex Play Feel lubricant is designed for pleasure-enhancement, making lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners.

Condom safe, non-greasy and odourless.
Price  £ 39.99
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