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My Used Black G-string!

If you would like some of my dirty used underwear or anything else, I can assure you that your order will receive my personal attention and I can guarantee that all the dirty underwear and panties I sell, are my own genuine lingerie from my own personal knickers drawer, not like some web sites, that buy in bulk order, wear once and then send them to you pretending that they are well worn used panties. Some of the items I am selling I have owned for years, so they have had plenty of wear to say the least and some are newer panties, but whatever you order, I can promise you all my underwear is well worn and will definitely be dirty.

All items will be sent discreetly and in plastic to preserve

My juices and moistness for your pleasure

Hmm go on I know you'll love it

Price  £ 15.00
My worn Panties & Knickers
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